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  • June 24, 2013
  • Blender 2.67
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I found myself making a lot of product shots lately, and thought that maybe it would be easier to have a set of backdrops that are easily customizable and that i could use really quickly instead of having to model them everytime. So that's what I did!

Here I created five (5) different studio backdrops that you can use for products shots, showing off your model, or anything where you need a nice infinite background.

All of them have customizable parameters that use S____hapekeys to control them. Those parameters include: Roundness, Height, Width, etc.

Hopefully you guys find this really useful, I know I have, and if there is any problems with it please please let me know, I would like to make this better if I could.

There was no scripting involved because I have no idea how to script haha, but it would be awesome if somehow this were an add-on where you could choose from a menu which ones you want to import.

But anyways, enjoy and I hope it helps someone and happy blending!

Note: In the preview images, I show only four backdrops, there are indeed five but I could only upload five pictures altogether. So that meant one main picture and four individual pictures. The one that is missing is just the basic "Studio L" backdrop. But you can see it in the main picture used as the example.

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