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  • April 09, 2013
  • Blender 2.66
  • Render: Cycles
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This character started from some thoughts on making a dinamic mesh character rig, initially tested with metabals but without sucess...

So you can check the modifiers stack of the mesh to see whats going on there:

  • Armature first to deform the low poly mesh;

  • The big magic comes from boolean modifier that mix the "BodyMesh" with "Members" that is hidden for viewport and render;

  • The Subsurf Modifier works to shape the surface better, and it keeps the UV and the materials, since we have two materials on "BodyMesh", the orange skin and the white eye border, with this enabled you keep the materials;

  • The Remesh Modifier is hidden but is something that I liked the most... but it destroys the UV and the different materials per vertex, if you want this turned on you need to hide or desable the subsurf modifier!;

  • There are two Smooth Modifiers but just the first one is needed with Subsurf Modifier, if you choose to enable Remesh you need to use both Smooth Modifiers on;

  • And a little tweek for stretch the character with Lattice;

I hope you like it and I hope to see some new characters with this idea!

Feel free to improve this thoughts!

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