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Blends / small truck inspired by fiat 241
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January 05, 2013
Blender 2.64 and up
License: CC-BY
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I made this truck for an animation (european, 70's), inspired by a fiat 241 (not ultra accurate on the modeling). It's quite high poly, but you can lower subsurf on some parts, and bake some textures for the sculptures of the tires. Be aware that the bump texture of the lights are in global space, so just tweak them in generated, or again bake them. The inside is quite basic, and material are basic too, no UV mapping, but the whole thing comes with a rig generated by the car rig addon from lokhorn (thanks to him ;-) ) which I completed with a few things. For example you can turn lights on, open the rear door (not the front one because I don't need, but it's easy to add).

Categories: Vehicles


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