Iron man Mark 7 armors


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  • September 29, 2012
  • Blender 2.63
  • Render: Internal
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There 3 versions of mark 7 armor from avengers movie.

1- Simple steel iron man armor. Just like the mark 2 prototype. It has no jetpack and the addons on legs and hands.

2- Classic red&gold design. With silver addons, and Jetpack. Almos the same like the one in the movie.

3- My own military camo design. Hope you enjoy it.

models contains obly a few textures, which was made in gimp. Gold and all materials like red paint or steel are made with procedural textures.

This preview might look quite poor, but with nice lighting, composition and background it may look very realistic.

this is a example:

the proces of making is on blenderartist forum i WIP category

Model is not rigged, contains one single area lamp.

rendered using blender internal render, not cycles.