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April 08, 2012
Blender 2.62 and up
License: CC-BY
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Latest Change on 2012/04/08, 07:21:09
Changed the title

Hi Guys!

Here is 'The White Room', an Archviz scene created in Cycles (Blender 2.62). It was an experiment to try to get a reasonable interior scene using Cycles (Path Tracing).

There's a detailed PDF doc �The White Room docs.pdf� included in the Zip.

All Textures are in a separate folder titled �Textures�

I hope it helps the community, and I look forward to seeing some more Archviz interiors from you guys!

Note: The Wood Floor Texture is not included, I explain it in the PDF doc � It can be easily replaced with one of your own, just open up �wood-floorboards-texture-softer.jpg� into an image editing program of your choice and copy over your own texture into the Jpeg file and save.

The licence is the usual (CC-BY), just give me a mention if you use anything obvious.

Good luck, Jay ;)


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