Fantasy Space Warrior Rigged


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  • April 01, 2012
  • Blender 2.62
  • Render: Internal
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This is the link to the large version of the render:

Well it took me 2 weeks to finish him!, this is my first time using Cycles in Blender (Thanks to the Blendercookie and Blenderguru tutorials about that).

This warrior is just a space one that is alone fighting for his live in a planet in wich the plants can "eat" his body in any time.

Well I just don't have talent with story tales XD

It has a very basic rigg system, and the render time in my poor computer was very large :S

Now I feel that Cycles will help to many artists achieve better results in less time :)

Decompressed the files are 150 mb

As always greetings from:

PD: Right now I'm participating in the Morevna project too(modeling) in case you are interested: