Native Warrior FantasyContest


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  • April 01, 2012
  • Blender 2.62
  • Render: Internal
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My basic idea was to create a "native type" warrior for the contest in order to toy with many different features i hadn't yet explored in blender susch as: scuplt mode, texture paint, particles, physics, unwrapping, normal baking, rigging... yeah, that's pretty much everything you can find in blender. :D

I must precise that this was my first attempt to rigging in blender (I come from 3DS Max) so the character is moving quite correctly but It is far from perfect I'm also not sure I used a "clean" method to rig (i.e. I sometimes linked meshes to the bones...). I also don't like texturing (yet?!). So you shall feel very free to improve the texturing and/or rigging if you'd like.

I tried to make it easier to animate with the use of cloth for his clothing and cap. From the little time i spent in testing, I assume that it's working well. You should feel free to improve that too.

Anyway, I hope you'll like my model. If you improve it, please tell me and send me a link, that would be great! Good luck to everyone for the contest and happy blending! (by the way, the blender community is awesome!)