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  • February 15, 2012
  • Blender 2.61
  • Render: Cycles
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I started this with the intention of just modelling a Mug for a quick bit of fun, but got carried away. I have a dislike for badly modelled pottery, especially where the handles join the base, i.e. usually just stuck on with no bridging geometry - I know, I'm fussy ;)

Note: This scene is set up for Cycles (blender 2.61+)

Contained in this blend is:

Standard Mug plus Coffee top texture Medium Tea/Coffee cup with Saucer Milk Jug plus Milk top Sugar Bowl plus Sugar top texture Teapot with lid Cafetiere (No spring or gauss, but isn't obvious) 2x Spoons (Just duplicates) 2x Blender Tea packet (Earl Grey) plus textures and string with tag (duplicates again)

The usual Studio L-shape plane with an extra plane for the worktop surface � plus 3 emitter lights both for light and reflection.

Note: All textures are in a separate folder titled �Textures� for ease of use.

More detail can be found in the Break-Time.txt in the archive.

You're welcome to use and abuse them as you like, just give me credit :)

I hope you enjoy the models, and can make use of them in your projects, as always feedback is always welcome!

Jay ;)

P.S. Sorry the file is 12MB, the textures are quite high quality.

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