Marv - Lego Minifig


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  • December 10, 2011
  • Blender 2.60
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This is Marv and he's mad. Marv is having a horrible day. His '71 Cuda just caught fire thanks to that turd 5 year old that just learned how to use the magnifying glass. As if that wasn't enough, he just learned that he missed out on space marine training or he could have been as cool as these guys:

In all seriousness, Marv was just made to compliment this 3D reference sheet.

I figured Marv is good practice for newcomers to Blender, but just like in school, sometimes being able to peek at an answer can help learn the process. So with that Marv is intended to be educational model (he of course can be used and abused in anyway you like).

Just a few notes on him:

1.) Modeled to be somewhat low-poly, but not a lot of stress went into that.

2.) Crude textures, wasn't really meant to me a UV example.

3.) Simple armature, restricted to actual movements (because Marv would be even more annoyed if he couldn't bend).

4.) Each piece is separate. The arms aren't quite as nice as they ought be.

5.) Setup for cycles (nothing fancy).

Marv might be cheered up to see your versions of him, feel free to share =D

Marv - Lego Minifig

by Quandtum

Released under license is CC-0.

P.S. The reference was not included in the file from Blendswap to reduce the bandwidth for Blendswap. Again, the reference can be downloaded from:

Blender SVN 42475 used to make.