Volkswagen VW Golf MK4 (1.4 Petrol)


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  • September 22, 2011
  • Blender 2.59
  • Render: Internal
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Hi guys! This model is separated and labelled ready to add materials and render. It's modeled directly from my old golf which I have no more... sniff! - There's only one material applied, a white clay shader - so you'll also need to add individual materials for each part, easy enough though.

Anyhoo, please do anything you like with it - scrap it, paint it, UV it, add new 17” alloys - Pimp it, even turn it into a hot-rod if you like!

For a bit of fun I've created a thread on Blender Artists so you can submit your version - a lot of competitions around just now (yay!), no prize here though - just a chance to show off what you can do, all abilities welcome to join in the fun! (no time limit).


P.S. Hope the mods don't mind :)